The TincoTerm system is a thermal insulation system directed to the exterior of buildings. It consists of expanded polystyrene plates fixed on the outer walls, reinforced with adhesive mortar and armed with glass fiber fabrics. With a final finish made with decorative coating, TincoTerm the root can be applied in the construction of new buildings or rehabilitation of same.

With the current trend of rising energy values, TincoTerm the system allows significantly reduce costs, since it provides a high thermal insulation with heated buildings in winter and cooling thereof in the summer. This system allows, still, a marked improvement in sound-proofing of the building, which greatly increases the interior comfort level of housing.


The TincoTerm system presents advantages followed:

  • thinner walls. lower cost
  • outside the building protection
  • Better thermal inertia. Better indoor environment
  • Limited energy losses
  • ecological system, “Enviroment friend”
  • Prevents mold stains on interior
  • It allows you to change externals


  • Surface Preparation

    The walls on which the insulation is to be applied must be strong and no signs of degradation. In the case of old walls, it will be convenient to repair irregularities, treating any fungi or algae and removing non-adhering old paintings.

  • Application of glue

    After having prepared the support, Place the adhesive mortar on the plates, applying it on some points on the inside of the plates in the ratio of about 3 Kg/m2. Possibly, when the wall is perfectly smooth, You can distribute the glue uniformly on the plate, stainless steel with a toothed trowel.

  • Placement of polystyrene plates

    The plates will be attached to the wall in horizontal rows, beating them carefully against the support to ensure a good grip and paying close attention to perfect lateral adjustment with the adjacent plates.
    past 48 hours glue proceeds to the mechanical fixing of the plates with the plastic nails ratio 4/6 per m2. Complete this operation, applying the corners of the walls perforated reinforcing profiles.

  • plaster

    After placement of the polystyrene, will be done using the plaster surface of the mortar - cola. With the first coat of mortar is placed on a net of fiberglass whose overlapping seams should always be at least 8/10 cm. after drying, apply a second coat of plaster for regularization.

  • Finishing

    After placing the plates and the surface plastering, It is possible to enforce the final coating, rough type, applied with a trowel.


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