The large painting requires, normally, some time, care and experience. We are at your side to assist you throughout the process so that your project arises perfectly.

The quality of the ink and appropriate application techniques guarantees durability, which may be important in your design plan. Follow our tips and advice, since the choice of the appropriate ink - whether indoors or out - until full planning his work.


We present you the various types of products so you can choose the most suitable to their work:

  • Facades inks
  • Paints for walls and ceilings
  • Pastas
  • Waterproofing products
  • Wood and Metals
  • varnishes
  • Colas
  • Pavements range
  • Tincoterm
  • thinners


  • Interior walls

    The application of interior paints must be made on dry and free of grease and dust surfaces.

    They present the main characteristics of ease of application, and rectifying the absorbency of the substrate.

  • Exterior walls

    For a paint successful application for exterior, it is recommended that it be done on cement mortars, brick and stone.

    Its main features are the excellent applicability, coverage and durability, It is also quite resistant to water, dirt and the development of algae and fungi.

  • floors

    The inks for pavements are mainly applied to concrete substrates coatings on car parks, traffic area, garages and industrial warehouses.

    Its main features an anti-dust coating, combined with high adhesion and chemical resistance. They are also easy to clean and permeable to water vapor.

  • Metal

    The metal inks intended to be applied on synthetic dyes and primary source of any type finish.

    They have the following features for easy application, a good cover and a high filling power. Furthermore, They have excellent brightness and fast drying.


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