For quality automotive refinish process, We equip your workshop with a tuning system in time to save you time and money.
Alternatively, dispose of our branch network where tuned precisely to the paint color of your car.

Our warehouse has over 20 000 references available. The preparation of the polishing, we provide the full range of accessories and auxiliary components for repainting.
Receive your order at your convenience, quickly and on the same day.


  • Identification

    The first step in the process of automotive refinishing is essentially the recognition of the reference of your car color, vehicle or any other object.

    this recognition, in the absence of natural reference color, It is conducted through the equipment RapidMatch ™ X-5.

  • Preparation

    After identifying color, It starts the process of preparation and adjustment of ink. The production is manual – is one of our branches or a workshop – and that the methodology is guided by one of our employees.

  • Application

    After tuning to the desired color ink, the same is delivered in the desired quantities. The application process must fulfill some of the same security requirements, and should be done by a professional.


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